Monday, May 9, 2011

From Our Hearts

Today I have a different sort of post. My friend Kye Ann called me today and talked to me about our monthly meeting tomorrow. We have a little card minstry at our church where we send out cards for each person we pray for on Wednesday nights. Well, we have enough cards for that right now so she suggested that we stamp cards tomorrow for From Our Hearts 
If you are a Stampin' Up demonstrator you may have read the article in Success magazine for the month of May on Page 12 about this service. I think that is a wonderful idea. So I went to their website and read all about them. Now as you can see just to the right on my bar I have a link to them, which I will keep there. Right now it is on top.
My wish for you is to go read about them and donate however you are able. If that's one card great, if more even better. It sounds like they need monetary donations for postage and other supplies and there is a variety of ways that even when you send a donation of cards, you can make it easier for them to get them out to the troops faster and more economically.

Check them out and thanks for stopping by At Paula's Place.

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