Thursday, March 8, 2012

Split Rock

You may think that I split the rock behind me with that stick I am holding on to but I didn't do it. It was like that when I got here.
My husband and I had such a great time in Arizona in January hiking around. We love to do that and then in the evening go sit in the hot tub. What a life. I am so blessed. We saw some incredible sights and even had a snow storm chase us our last day out. I think it just wanted to say good bye to us. That was freaky. Well, now it's back to reality, as much as my life gets there. So I will be posting some more cards I have been busy stamping and already sending so I hope my pictures are good.

Here are just a few more pictures from our trip .
This is Devil's Bridge, those two crazy people out there on it are my children.

Coffee Pot rock in the back ground, Brock, my son in the foreground.

There they are, Brock and Cindy. It was very cool that we got to get together with both of them at the same time, in a really fun place. Cindy lives in Nashville and Brock lives just outside of DC.

Cathedral Rock, We hiked up to it and then went up to the saddle, wow.
There are many more but this is a small sample of what we did while we were away. God gave us a fantastic earth to explore and we are doing as much as we can. Love it.
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